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I am looking for a few good writers who would be interested in contributing some occasional blog posts to the Digital Pinup Magazine website. I can't pay you anything but I might be willing to trade some advertising, a banner or whatever. You would also have your own profile info at the bottom of the blog post, which could link back to any sites or socials you have.

Ideally any kind of 3D product review, software, book review, review a cool art show, a convention, cool art resources, tutorials, interview someone influential in the pin-up community. Whatever you think might fit I am open to it.

If interested, send me a DA message or write me directly at:

Please note: this is for writers only and not an open call for art submissions or features. I have way too many submissions to sort through at the moment.
First I would like to thank everyone in the group for their submissions. There has been a lot of really sweet looking pin-up work coming in and I really appreciate all of it. This group is growing nicely and I love seeing all the new and inspiring stuff!

Unfortunately, there has also recently been a lot of, how should I put it.... not so good work being submitted.  Now, I try not to be a judge of good or bad. It is art after all, and it is supposed to be subjective, so this is a sensitive subject. I try really hard not to be judgmental because one person's poorly rendered 90's looking 3D stripper standing in the road with swords and a vapid expressionless stair is another person's vintage cheesecake pin-up, so in some cases, I just go with the flow and accept the work into the gallery. I also hate limiting creativity to artistic sub genres and sticking to rigid barriers of classification.

However, being that I am the gatekeeper of what gets entered into the gallery, I need to maybe take a minute to clarify for some people, what exactly pin-up is, because there has been a lot of submissions that frankly, just don't fit and when I decline them, some folks get really upset about it.

Again, this isn't a good or bad issue. To be blunt, this is really more of a "some people really have no idea what the hell pin-up is" kind of issue. I don't want to lay down rigid submission guidelines, but I would like to be clear what I feel is best suited for a pin-up art group.

Pin-Up is a particular type of art form, regardless of it being vintage or contemporary. It has a certain look and feel. It is also not porn. A nude or semi nude representation of a female does not necessarily qualify as a pin-up. It can be erotic, it can also be sexy. It can be sci-fi, fantasy, modern, retro or whatever, but regardless, it should always be a pin-up.

Admittedly, it is difficult to define. Either you know it when you see it or you don't. If you don't know what it is, that is totally ok too, but please make an effort to become informed about the genre before you dump all your art in the gallery under the classification of Pin-Up.

This group isn't here to be a bulk image dump for every piece of work you create. I want to feature your BEST work and ONLY your BEST, so before you submit, take a minute and think. For the time being, I am going to be a lot more picky about what gets accepted. I do this not to be a jerk. It's not a popularity contest. I simply want to insure a little bit more quality, which in the long term, will benefit everyone. If your work appears in the group, it is because it is awesome. Not just because of that fact that since you made it, it has to be there. I apologize for having to come down so hard, but it is has come to the point where it has to be this way.

So, with that said, two very good resources that I insist that everyone here be aware of are:

1. The wiki definition of Pin-Up.

2. Some of the best examples of the greatest pin-up artists in the world and what to aspire to.

Please take a little time and check out the two links and dig around on the Pin-up Files website especially, to get a feel for what pin-up as an art form is all about. Get to know some of the master artists and also get a feel for maybe what it is not about. I would appreciate it and it would benefit everyone.

I will continue to share good pin-up resource as I come up with them. If you know of some, PLEASE share. I would appreciate your input and participation and discussion on the subject. If you know of any good descriptive discussions about what is pin-up, please share and I will add them here.
Wow! Two original Olivia De Berardinis paintings have come up for sale via a luxury Bitcoin Marketplace.…

Have you bee using Bitcoin in any way for your art? If so, I would love to hear your experiences.
A new Interview w/ Paris Christou from ToonBoxStudio!

:thumb400720862: :thumb365721041: :thumb303067155:…

You can also follow Paris on his DA page at:
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Welcome! Please Read!

Welcome to the Official DA Group for the Digital Pinup Magazine website!

Created by artists and fans for artists and fans, DPM showcases the hottest digital pinup artists, news and resources, reviews, software, merchandise, business and marketing tips & more.

We feature digital art, 2D, 3D, mixed media, street art, traditional pinup art, artists, models and the tools they use to create their masterpieces. You'll find a little bit of everything here.

Feel free to get involved, share your best stuff and maybe it will show up on the website!

We Are Looking for:
Awesome Digital Pinup Artists
Digital Pinup Art Related Bloggers
Digital Pinup Art Related Products, software and Services
Other related promotional opportunites.

Got something interesting? Get in touch!

The Website:

Submission Rules:

This group is for tasteful, artistic pin-Up art only. Artistic nudity and soft erotic is fine, but no porn. (e.g. NO spread open genitals, penetration, explicit pornographic images, excessive violence)

These rules will be strictly & brutally enforced, so if your stuff is not accepted or gets deleted, it's probably because it falls within the categories above.

Currently you can submit 2 images per week.

Approved submissions do not mean in any way, shape or form that your work will be featured on the DPM website. That is done by selective editorial process only, and at the discretion of the editors.

Any art must feature depictions of models who are 18 years of age or older.
Any photography must feature models who are at least 18 years of age or older






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